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Soccer formation or preformation ?

Soccer formation or preformation ?

It is extremely important how the players participate in the game, how to navigate and how to try to achieve a goal or defend. Mutual communication between the players must be very strong in order to know who is where at any time and who covers a specific area. To avoid confusion on the ground and to know who should do what and who must cover a certain area we have a system (system) games. Preformation that happen during the game, especially in the transition moments of the game gives a special quality teams. It team that has improved communication with preformation in the field has more success.


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Damir Vucic

Hard working experienced coach who had international career in different leagues and different countries. Good communication skills, excellent relations with players. COMUNICATIVE PERSON AND I AM READY FOR TEAM WORK, BUT ALSO TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND OBLIGATION. ...

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