Effective leadership - key aspects of the coaching philosophy

We are in a time where the game knowledge is a crucial aspect that a Football coach should master. However acting as a «true» leader is, in my opinion, what makes the difference between the commitment and will to win as team or failing achieving the results.

The leadership process starts by knowing your own personality as a coach. Setting up the strategic plan for the team and implementing it tactically to get the success in the competition only works if the coach sets up for him a role model plan, with the flexibility to adjust to the team (and all the staff).

Thinking in the individuals as humans permanently and looking first for my performance as a coach and as a person can create a positive environment, where commitment, active listening and comprehension will be solid basis for the relationships between the players and all the staff.

For me teaching how to lead is a massive and passionate process (the same intensity that I put in the training process I put in teaching how to lead) because it is important to create the connections between the players and staff in order to achieve the commitment and ultimately more leaders/captains.

I think that taking responsibility, respect and listen to every question, planning, to think actively about the people, to be committed, consistent and to be available to learn and change (questioning and evaluating all the process) is a great part of my coaching job and, therefore, what I think a leader should be.

However this passionate job that we all have brings us many moments when a hard decision (to get the task’s objective) is the better way and, if that comes, we have to decide it and get the job done. 

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Sobre Bruno Romão

Bruno Romão

A highly experienced and qualified UEFA PRO football coach having worked for elite level clubs including Sporting Clube de Portugal and Al-Hilal Saudi FC as well as the Portuguese Football Federation and Cape Verde National Team. Focused on improving the performance of players and teams alike through the establishment of effective development strategies, applying extensive knowledge and a...

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