Defensive Organization

Defensive Organization

Collective Macro Capital One Cup 2016-2017 Fleetwood Town vs Leeds

Defensive Organization, structure or 1x4x4x3 and 1x4x4x2.
Change zone-zone field.

Close central or cross lines inside.

Execute 4+3 defensive.

+3 advanced.
To building initiative opposing team starts to press when the ball is in the side.

Start group out.
Close side line pass.

Create numerical superiority.

Adjusting to press.

Microzones pressure (3x1).

Adjusting to group defensively.
Create the defensive balance.

Defensive Corner Kick
Structural Positions

-1-Execute double marking (mixed and individual)
-2-Action zone of very dense goalkeeper.
-3-Take to close the 1st pole (4x3)
-4-There are two pressure zones (7x4 and 3x1)-Numerical Superiority
-5-Focus on vigilance of second balls (+2)
-6-To follow the movements of the opposing players, focus on individual references (+2)
-7-Take the ball with safety pressure zones.



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